Trigantius 2019

University Social Club

University Social Club, Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX


from 10:00 until 19:30

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Organiser: Geoff Kaniuk


Phone: +44 1223 710582

The tournament is open to all, and players entering for the first time will be most welcome. It is a 3 round McMahon tournament run under BGA rules.

There are prizes for the overall winner and all players on three wins. There is a separate room for game analysis, and there might be stronger players available for teaching in between games.

Tournament schedule

Time Event
10:00 - 10:40 Registration
10:50 Round 1
13:20 Lunch
14:00 Round 2
16:30 Round 3
19:00 Prize-giving

Time limits

We are using Fischer timing for Trigantius, as part of a BGA trial. See Sensei's library for an initial introduction.

Here is a short definition:

  1. Your Clock time is initialised to the Basic time.
  2. On completion of your move, your Clock time is incremented by the Bonus time.
  3. If your Clock time reaches zero before you press your clock, you lose.
Basic 45 minutes
Bonus 15 seconds/move


Komi 7½ in even games
Handicap McMahon score difference - 1 where needed

Entry fee

Class Fee Notes
Standard £12.00
Student £9.00 full-time
Concession £8.00 in receipt of state benefit
Junior £6.00 under 13
First-time entrant £5.00 first time for any over-the-board tournament
Novice Free first few games after learning the rules

Note that there is a £5.00 surcharge for those who are not members of the BGA and a further £5.00 surcharge for late entries (those received on or after 07/03/2019).


Please use the entry form to enter. If you are not able to do this, then please copy the following text into an email and provide your details:

Family Name: ............................. 

Given Name:  ............................. 

Club:        .................. Country UK 

Grade:       .........    Strength ....... 

Are you playing all rounds?          Yes/No

Is this your first rated tournament? Yes/No

Is your entry public?                Yes/No

Entry fee Standard Student Concession Junior  First time


Strength: You can get your playing strength from the BGA rating list. If you have not played for a while then please consult the European Go Database.

Entry Fee: Please delete the fees that don't apply. When done, please send your email to Geoff Kaniuk. It helps if you use the subject 'Trigantius entry'. If you have any further questions please phone Geoff on +44 1223 710582.

Players already entered are found in the current entries list. If you need to make any changes to your entry, please email Geoff. Early entry is appreciated so that we know how many boards and clocks are to be supplied by the British Go association.


There will be a 13x13 novices' tournament, for anyone of grade 20-kyu or weaker, run in parallel with the main tournament.

This has an entry fee of £2, starts at 14:00, and aims for prize giving at 16:45. If there are any participants around in the morning, there will also be opportunity for teaching and friendly games.

Please use this separate entry form to enter. There is also a separate entries list for the novice s' tournament.

For any further enquiries regarding the novices' tournament, please email Paul Smith.



The venue is less than ½ mile west of the bus station. Walk to John Lewis in St Andrews Street and then Downing street to Mill Lane.


The venue is about 1¼ mile north-west of the Cambridge rail station. You may catch any one of several buses from the station going towards the city (see the map below).


The nearest car park is the Grand Arcade, but it is probably best to use Park & Ride.

Refreshments and Lunch


The University Social Club will be providing light refreshments during the tournament.


The venue is very near to the University Centre (where Trigantius used to be hosted some years back), and there is a good restaurant in the Centre. The local pub is The Mill, situated just outside the venue on the bank of the river Cam.

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