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2003 Photos

For your viewing pleasure we present a number of photos taken during the 2003 Punt Trip and Garden Party. Some older photos of the club are also available (circa 1995).

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The 2003 Annual Punt Trip

The Punt Trip is an annual affair and we were blessed with good weather in 2003.

Photo: Punting 2003 - Frankau, Taylor, Brookes, Burgess, Neasen
Front to back, left to right: Simon Frankau, Paul Taylor, Will Brookes, Stephen Burgess and Jitse Neasen.
Photo: Punting 2003 - Phil Hand
Intrepid outgoing president Phil Hand unfazed by the darker reaches of the River Cam.
Photo: Punting 2003 - William Brookes
William Brookes (tragically) marooned in the Mill Pond.

The 2003 'Annual' Garden Trip

A new social event we tried in 2003, hopefully to continue to subsequent years. It was held in the beautiful surroundings of King's Fellows' Garden during May Week.

Photo: Garden Party 2003 - Keith Chan, Hoiping Mok, Stephen Burgess, Alistair Turnbull and Paul Russell
Left to right: Keith Chan, Hoiping Mok, new President Stephen Burgess (looking a little the worse for wear), Alistair Turnbull and Paul Russell
Photo: Garden Party 2003 - Scottish Contingent
The Scottish contingent: Andrew Walkingshaw and Anna Griffiths.