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Older Photos

Here are some older photos of the Cambridge club. Take a trip down memory lane as you witness the club in the `good old days'...

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1995 National Small Board Competition

The 1995 National Small Board Competition was organised by the Cambridge club.

Photo: Paul Hankin in the national 13x13 competition
Paul Hankin (Cambridge) playing Tom Summerscales in the final of the 1995 National Small Board Competition which was organised by Cambridge Go Club. Sadly Paul lost.
Photo: Another view of the national 13x13 competition
Another view of the 1995 National Small Board Competition. Foreground: Matthew Woodcraft (Cambridge) (gosh you had hair in those days Matthew) takes on Martin Solity. Background: the Paul Hankin game again.
Photo: Mark Wainwright vs. Paul Smith at the National 13x13 Tournament
A Cambridge derby: Mark Wainwright vs. Paul Smith, also from the 1995 National Small Board Tournament.

Other photos

A few more photos of miscellaneous events.

Photo: William Brookes vs. Luise Wolf
Luise Wolf (5 years old) takes on William Brookes (8 years old) in the first round of the 1998 Bar-Low Tournament.
Photo: Matthew Woodcraft and Paul Hankin in a punt
Matthew Woodcraft being punted along by Paul Hankin on one of our annual punt trips. Possibly in May week 1995. It can't be 1998 because that year it was pouring with rain so we just drank the Pimms whilst watching England win a game in the world cup.
Photo: A go set
This is what a go set looks like - in case you had forgotten. Featuring everyone's favourite joseki in the top right corner.