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For your viewing pleasure we present a number of photos of CUGOS events.

Some older photos are also available: 2003 and older photos (circa 1995).

Study Day with Jeff Chang (6d), Summer 2009

We were lucky enough to be able to invite Jeff Chang (6d) for two lectures and a simultaneous display.

Photo: Jeff Chang 2009
Deliberating over where to play next at the simultaneous event.
Photo: Jeff Chang 2009
Looking at a variation from a game review.
Photo: Jeff Chang 2009
There was even chance to have a game over lunch.

Go Formal, Lent 2009

About 10 members of CUGOS met for formal hall at Corpus Christi college, followed by a memorable game of rengo.

Photo: Go Formal 2009

A quick game in Corpus Bar after dinner.

The 2004 Annual Garden Party

Reprising this tradition started in 2003, the 2004 Garden Party was a successful if slightly chilly affair.

Photo: Garden Party 2004
The 2004 CUGOS Garden Party on the Clare College Memorial Court lawn.
Photo: Garden Party 2004
The rest of the 2004 Garden Party!
Photo: William Brookes
And Will gets his own photo again.

Chinese New Year Ball

CUGOS attended the 2004 Chinese New Year Ball and engaged in a bit of preaching-to-the-converted.

Photo: Chinese New Year Ball
Go showing its spiritual side(s).
Photo: Chinese New Year Ball
Some cheating going on in this game of rengo, I feel!
Photo: Chinese New Year Ball
That's not go!