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How to play Go: Further Reading

You should now have enough knowledge to deal with almost all the situations that could come up in a go game. Certainly the best way of progressing from here is to play some real games, preferably against a human opponent.

However, there are a number of good beginner books which cover the territory in this tutorial with many examples and problems.

I recommend the following books:

Teach Yourself Go - Charles Matthews - a book you will find in all good bookshops. Teach Yourself Go covers all the basic rules with many examples and takes your study of go much further with advanced techniques and some very challenging problems. Available for a very reasonable price (under 5 pounds at time of writing) from Amazon.co.uk.

Go: A Complete Introduction To The Game - Cho Chikun - by the famous Korean-born Japanese pro, this short book covers all the basic techniques succinctly and includes some full game examples. Probably more difficult and expensive to get hold of domestically, but also available through Amazon.co.uk.

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