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The club has a large go library and books may be borrowed by full members of the society. The current librarian is Will Brooks (thewilge at gmail dot com). Since he does not bring all the books to each meeting, please email him prior to a meeting if you would like to borrow a book.

The books currently in our library are listed below. Links are provided to David Carlton's excellent annotated go bibliography.

The club often buys new books for the library and we are always happy to receive suggestions about which books we should be buying. Just talk to any member of the committee.

The list of books (and loan status) was last updated: 4/2/2005. Please feel free to check with Will whether a book is currently available.

New books

Beginners' books

A lot of the very basics can be picked up from stronger players in handicap games. However some people find it helpful to have these simple ideas set out clearly in a book. Of the books here Teach Yourself Go must be the best because the author is a member of this club. I expect that a more impartial review would also agree that this is a very good book.

The "Elementary Go" series

This is the English-language series about how to play go. This series has probably played a significant part in getting a lot of western players from 'around 20 kyu' to 'around 5 kyu'. These are books to read and re-read.

The "Get strong at Go" series

The "Get strong at Go" series is a set of problem books covering every aspect of go. Unlike the elementary go series there is not much tutorial text. You have to work through the problems and spot the key patterns and themes for yourself. If you put in the effort it is hansomly repaid because there is a lot of good stuff in these books. The "problem" format means that you can't just sit back and let the explanation wash over you: you have to think. This series could also be called "Things every dan player ought to know". We would recommend that books in this series are read after or in conjunction with the corresponding volumes from the elementary go series.

Collections of games

Other books


  • Go World 79
  • Go World 80
  • Go World 81
  • Go World 82
  • Go World 83
  • Go World 84
  • Go World 85