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Trigantius 2012


Date: Saturday 10th March 2012.
Venue: St Columba's Church, Downing Place, Cambridge, CB2 3EL (marked by the red kite).

Main Tournament
9:45-10:15am Registration
10:30amRound 1
12:50pm (or earlier)Lunch
1:40pmRound 2
By 4:10pmRound 3
By 6:40pmPrize-giving
Novice Events
From 10:00amArrival for first Novices' teaching
10:30-11amNovices' teaching (absolute beginners)
11am-1pmNovices' teaching (all)
2-4pmNovices' 13x13 tournament

Organiser: Alex Selby
Email (Main): trigant2012@pobox.com
Email (Novices'): novices2012@pobox.com
Telephone: 07810 488300 (email is preferable if this is possible)
List of currently signed-up players

Main tournament. The main tournament, open to all, will be a 3 round McMahon, with 60 minutes + increasing overtime (10 stones in the first 5 minutes, following by 20 stones in the next 5 minutes, then 30 stones etc.). To enter, email (preferably), text or telephone Alex with your name, club and grade. There is no need to post anything (entry or money) in advance: people should pay on the day. The basic entry fee is £9, or £5 for those entitled to concessionary rates. Concessionary rates apply to the unwaged (including full-time students), under 18s and senior citizens. There are adjustments of +£1.50 for non-BGA members and +£3 for late entries (received after noon on Thursday 8th March). Please note, it would be much appreciated if entries could be submitted a week earlier than the late-entry cutoff if this is possible. There will be prizes for the overall winner, players on three wins, winners of the side events and probably some others. As is customary there will be a new somewhat-Go-related special competition this year.

We shall try to ensure that there will be stronger players on hand to review games (or otherwise advise) players ranked up to 10 kyu.

Novice Events. The novices' events are separate from the main tournament and suitable for anyone from absolute beginners up to about 20 kyu. Anyone is welcome to attend - it doesn't matter if you have never played before. You can go to any combination of the three sessions you like, though if you have never played before it will be best if you start off by attending the session at 10:30am. The cost of the day's events is £3 (£2 for juniors), payable on the day. To enter, just email or ring the organiser as soon as you know you would like to take part.

Novices': absolute beginners. There is a short introduction to Go at 10:30am suitable for anyone who has never played before or wants reminding of the rules. Absolute beginners are most welcome to turn up to this and subsequent Novice events during the day.

Novices': teaching. This is a friendly teaching morning where you can get some simple useful advice on how to improve.

Novices': tournament. In the afternoon there will be a small, relaxed tournament which will be played on small boards. You will get to play in every round — no-one gets knocked out.

Location and Travel Details

St Columba's Church, Cambridge, CB2 3EL is located in central Cambridge (at the red kite mark).


From the Cambridge rail station, the venue is about 1 mile North-West. Catch any one of several buses going towards the city centre and be prepared to get off around Emmanuel Street, St Andrew's Street or Drummer Street, from where the venue is less than 5 minutes' walk. Alternatively, the venue is about a 20-minute walk from the station.


The Grand Arcade Car Park (at the red kite mark) on Corn Exchange Street is close to the venue (about 5 minutes' walk). However the city centre can be quite congested, and the car park is fairly expensive and liable to fill up (not to speak of the need to navigate the complicated one-way systems), so it is recommended that drivers make use of one of the five Park and Ride sites. Parking is free and there is a cheap and frequent shuttle bus from each which stops at the city centre less than 5 minutes' walk from the venue. Get a Red, Green or Blue bus (and get off at Drummer Street, Emmanuel Street or Downing Street respectively; in each case this is the only city centre stop). Do not get an Orange or Purple bus. Follow the links from here for further information.


The venue is right next to the central bus and coach station area. (Less than 5 minutes' walk away.)