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The Sonoyama League Competition

The Sonoyama League is a team competition between the Cambridge, Central London, Open University, Stevenage and Wanstead Go Clubs. Each team plays one match against each of the other teams, either at home or away. For each match the two clubs involved choose a date and a team size (which must be greater than 4) and a number of rounds (normally 2) and then play their match. The winning team is the one that wins the most matches. If two teams both win the same number of matches then the one with the highest number of individual games won is the winner.

Results of the 1998 tournament

There was a general lack of interest from most clubs in 1998. The league reduced to a single match between Cambridge and St. Albans. This was played on Saturday 28th November in Queens' College. The St. Albans team (William Connolley (3 dan), Alan Thornton (2 dan), Michael Charles (2 dan) and Richard Mullens (4 kyu)) and the Cambridge team (Arend Bayer (2 dan), Tim Hunt (1 kyu), Phil Beck (3 kyu) and Frank Visser (4 kyu)) played an all-play-all tournament which Cambridge won 11-5.

Results of the 1997 tournament

The results of the matches are (home team listed first):

Cambridge 8, Open University 4.

Wanstead 3, Cambridge 15.

C.L.G.C. 7, Wanstead 8.

Open University 3, Stevenage 5.

Stevenage 2, C.L.G.C. 6.

Cambridge 7, Stevenage 5.

C.L.G.C. 1, Cambridge 7.

Stevenage 3, Wanstead 7.

Wanstead 10, Open University 3.

Open University won by default over C.L.G.C.

So the final positions are:

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Games won Games lost
Cambridge 4 4 0 0 37 13
Wanstead 4 3 0 1 28 28
Stevenage 4 1 0 3 15 23
C.L.G.C. 4 1 0 3 14 17
Open University 4 1 0 3 10 23

So Cambridge has won a resounding victory.

I think that Cambridge also take the prize for the most different players to represent the club in this competition. The teams were: Alex Selby, Paul Hankin, Matthew Whelan, Andrew Ketley, Tim Hunt, Matthew Woodcraft and Matthew Reid against O.U.; Seong-June Kim, Jean Michel, Charles Matthews, Tony Warburton, Jaeshin Park, Juon Kwon, Howard Manning, Tim Hunt, Michael Fryers against Wanstead; Jean Michel, Charles Matthews, Alex Selby, Paul Hankin, Mark Dalgarno, Kim Rutherford, Howard Manning, Matthew Reid and Hugh Robinson against Stevenage; Seong-June Kim, Alex Selby, Charles Matthews, Jaeshin Park against CLGC. I make that 19 different players.

Results of the 1996 tournament

The 1996 tournament was won by Wanstead on 27.5 games, 3 wins and 1 draw from Cambridge on 27.0 games, 3 wins and 1 draw. Fortunately Cambridge was able to avenge this in their 1997 fixture against Wanstead.