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The Cambridge Double-Figure Kyu League

This league, which last run in 1998-1999, took place from September to June. Here follows a discussion of the league rules.

Each team plays each other team at most once. The score is 3 points for a win, 2 points for a drawn match and 1 point for a loss. If a match is not played, both teams score 0 for it. If there is a tie at the end of the season, the tiebreak was the average percentage of games won per match.

The teams playing in each match must have a minimum of 3 players. Each player can play each opposing player at most once. Games are played on 13x13 boards with handicaps determined by the league organiser - normally about 1 stone for every 2.5 grades, but this may be adjusted during the match if it is clear that the two teams' gradings are not well aligned. Each match should consist of at least 9 games.

Players should normally be 10-kyu or weaker, although a recently promoted 9-kyu may be allowed to play at the discretion of the organiser - otherwise teams may run into problems if someone is promoted just before a match! Players normally only play for one team in a season, but the organiser may make an exception if there is some particular reason why someone has transferred from one club to another e.g. if a club changes its meeting times so that they are no longer convenient.

The winning team will keep the Cambridge DFK trophy for one year.

The 1997/8 League

There are 4 teams - Parkside, St Paul's, Chess & Go and CUGS. These are the results so far:

Parkside 5½ - Chess & Go 3½

This match was played at Parkside on 8th November 1997. The top scorers for Parkside were Simon Bray with 3/3 and Andrea Smith with 1½/3. David Simmons was the top scorer for Chess & Go with 1½/3.

CUGS 7½ - Parkside 3½

This match was played at Parkside on 3rd December 1997. Stephen Wells scored 4/4 and Robert Jack 2½/3 for CUGS. Clive Witcomb was the top scorer for Parkside with 1½/3

St Pauls 7 - Chess & Go 2

This match was played at St Pauls on 17th December 1997. It was a runaway success for St Pauls - William Brooks scored 3/3 for them while Sam Wakeford and Alistair Cavalla each got 2/3.

Parkside 5 - St Pauls 4

Played on 1st March 1998 at the University Centre. A couple of the games also counted for the Trigantius Novices' competition. Simon Bray won 3/3 for Parkside. William Brooks and Sam Wakeford each scored 2/3 for St Pauls.

CUGS 10 - Chess & Go 7

Played at CUGS in Queens' College on 3rd March 1998. James Donald was top scorer for Chess & Go with 3/3. Ben Morris scored 2/3 for Chess & Go. Five players each scored two wins for CUGS - they were Rudiger Kneissl, James Murray, Paul Russell, Jonathan Medlock and Robert Jack.

CUGS ? - St Pauls ?

The final match of the season, which will decide the overall winners. Yet to be arranged. Will probably take place one Wednesday afternoon at the St Pauls club.

The league table as at 4th March 1998 is:

Position Played Team Average Points
1st 3 Parkside 49% 7
2nd 2 University 63% 6
3rd 2 St Paul's 61% 4
4th 3 Chess & Go 34% 3