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Competitions Index

The Cambridge club runs a number of competitions.

Current competitions

Once a term we hold the Sonoyama Trophy event. This is a fun tournament with short time limits and big handicaps. It allows us to play six rounds in an evening, with everyone in the club able to take part.

The Trigantius Tournament is the main tournament that we run. This takes place once a year and attracts top players from all over the country.

Each year, to coincide with the Challengers' Tournament which occupies some of the country's dan players on the first May Bank Holiday, we run the Bar-Low Tournament. This is a tournament especially designed for kyu players. Full details are available on the Bar-Low page.

There is of course an annual Varsity Match against Oxford University. This event has a long tradition, dating back to 1967.

The National Small Board Championship is an annual event, which is currently held in Whittlesford, Cambridge. This has formed part of the local Chess & Go Congress.

CUGOS has also sent teams to matches arranged at the Nippon Club in Picadilly.

Historic competitions

Historically, the Cambridge Go Club competed in the Sonoyama League. This event, now dormant, was an annual competition among some of the go clubs in the south east of England. We won the 1997 league and went on to beat Reading Go Club who are the winners of their local league. You can look at the results here. The 1998 league reduced to a single match between Cambridge and St. Albans. Cambridge won 11-5.

Another form of competition we tried was the Cambridge Double Figure Kyu League. This involved teams from the two branches of the Junior Chess and Go Club, the Parkside College evening classes and the University. Parkside College won in 1997-98 and the University won in 1998-99.