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Youth Go

The Club aims to teach go to primary and secondary school children. There are meetings every Wednesday during school terms, and occasional coaching sessions. It is run by Paul Smith.

The Junior Chess and Go Club website has full details of the Club. For additional details, please contact Paul Smith directly via email.

Paul has provided an article about the outlook for Youth Go in Cambridge in 2004. If you are interested in volunteering to help with Youth Go, I'm sure Paul would be delighted to hear from you.

Cambridge Youth Go in 2004

Launch of the UK Go Challenge: local prospects

There is a plan for a UK Go Challenge to be run towards the end of the current school year. Nationally there are already around 20 schools who say they are very likely to take part; this is without the event being advertised even to all existing UK school Go clubs. This year we have an real opportunity to get more interest in Youth Go in Cambridge. The reason is that we now have useful contacts in many schools in and around Cambridge. At the same time, this national Go competition for schools, similar to the UK Chess Challenge, will be launched. It will give schools a perfect opportunity to get more involved with Go.

Cambridge Juniors

The Junior Chess and Go Club is still active, and this year has a closer relationship with Chess for Kids, which runs many school chess clubs in the area. There is a possibility that this may give us the opportunity get more schools interested in Go. In addition, a local school has expressed interest in hosting a day of Oware and Go competition for schools in the area in the latter part of the school year if it can be arranged.

There have already been recent Go teaching visits to four schools in the area; at least two of these are interested in a return visit. Other schools in Cambridge and in other places within traveling distance have also expressed interest in visits.

What we are working towards

Mike Basman (UK Chess Challenge organiser) and David Levy (MSO and Mindsports in Schools organiser) have been very positive about the event; and we can hope that they will both give us a lot of help in advertising it and attracting extra entries. Although nothing is yet confirmed, the UK Go Challenge is planned to be on the same weekend as the chess Gigafinal (but not with any age bands' events clashing), both in a large and prestigious venue in Manchester - this should give the maximum chance for attracting entries from the chess-playing schools.

Our local programme

To take advantage of the opportunities we have in Cambridge, I think what we ideally need is the following:
  • Volunteers to help with school visits. New volunteers would at first accompany more experienced people, so no-one would be thrown in at the deep end. The idea would be to build up a team of people who could do school visits so we could cope with any demand.
  • Volunteers to continue to help with running the Junior Chess & Go Club. This term at the club there will be specific dates when there is Go teaching (and teaching of chess, and occasionally Oware or other games, on other dates). So we need to have some help on those days and to arrange in advance what we will do (there may be a mix of complete beginners, and children with some experience of Go). If possible, it is good to have at least one Go person at all meetings to help out any children playing Go and to help with the general admin of the club.
  • In terms of school visits, it would be nice to be able to plan to make around 20 visits over the next couple of terms, before the UK Go Challenge starts. The idea would be to provide an introduction to Go and give out some publicity material, including UK Go Challenge entry information.
  • If any schools were interested in more regular visits (e.g. to help with running a club or to help with running a heat of the UK Go Challenge), we would have to deal with this issue as it arises. It would be nice to help with any such requests, but we would have to see what the circumstances were (e.g. if any payment was offered).