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Becoming a Member of CUGOS


Membership of CUGOS is open to all. Further to that, you are very welcome to come along to a few meetings, and be taught the rules if you are beginner, before deciding whether to join. We look forward to seeing you!

Membership is currently free. Please help support the society by attending our events!

We maintain an E-mail distribution list of all the go players in Cambridge with E-mail access. If you would like to be added to this list then please enter your email address here or send us a message.

Membership benefits

In addition to be able to play at the club and contributing to nice new equipment, membership brings some additional direct benefits.

Six times a year members receive the club newsletter, Tesuji. This offers news, teaching material, game commentaries and much more. Contributions from members of the club are most welcome. Tesuji online is a collection of some of the articles that have appeared in the newsletter in the past.

The club has an extensive and growing library of go books. These may be borrowed by any member of the society. There are books suitable for all abilities including some Japanese ones for the really enthusiastic. The library also owns a complete set of the British Go Journal. The library page has a (nearly) complete list of the books we own which are available for members to loan.

Our members often go and play in go tournaments outside Cambridge. Sometimes people with cars give lifts to everyone else. At other times complete eccentrics take the 5:00am coach to Oxford and then lose lots of games. On a competition front, CUGOS is a particularly active club.

CUGOS also runs social events. These include club Formal Halls and the Annual Garden Party and Punt Trip in May Week. Photographs of these events are available on the photographs page.