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CUGOS Meetings

CUGOS runs meetings on most days during the week, both inside and outside University term. You do not need to be a member of the society or the University to play at any of our meetings.

The main meeting during University term is on Mondays from 7:00 pm (see below). If you are a University beginner, a Monday meeting would be an ideal first session to attend.

  • Monday evenings: Term-times only. This is the major weekly meeting for students (though is open to everyone), and takes place in the Linnett Room, Robinson College from 7:00 pm. To reach the Linnett Room, enter Robinson from the main gate, where you will see the porter's lodge. Walk on, keeping the brick wall to your right (it's actually the chapel). To your right there should be a sign pointing to the Linnett Room which you can follow. Occasionally, we will have our meet in one of the Teaching Rooms, also at Robinson College. To get there, simply go up the stairs across the porter's lodge. Members will be notified of the location the day before.
  • Tuesday evenings: There used to be informal meetings at The Castle Inn, but due to lack of attendance these are not running anymore. If you would like to reinstate them, please email the club.
  • Wednesday evenings: (Junior Chess and Go Club, St Augustine's Church Hall on Richmond Road, 6pm to 7.30pm)
  • Thursday evenings: Throughout the year we meet on Thursday evenings in the Granta Lounge downstairs at the University Centre, Mill Lane, 7-9 pm.
  • Friday evenings: If you prefer a less formal atmosphere then on Friday evenings we meet from 7:00pm to closing time (which is normally 9:00 pm) at the internet café CB1, 32 Mill Road. These meetings continue through the year.
  • Saturdays: Often go players will be found in CB1 from 5pm until closing at 8pm.
  • Sundays: There are now frequently informal Sunday meetings at CB1 from around 4pm.

We also help run the Junior Chess and Go Club. It aims to teach chess and go to primary and secondary school children. There are meetings every Wednesday during school terms, and occasional coaching sessions. It is run by Paul Smith. The contact e-mail address is junclub@chessgo.org.uk

For more information on any aspect of the Go Society's activities, please contact the club President.