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Grading List

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Symbols: % means club dan grade (non-BGA); (J) means Junior Chess & Go Club. We link to KGS rating graphs where these are known. For a grade comparison between countries and Internet servers, please see this page at Sensei's Library.

4 dan

Andrew Kay (KGS), Alex Selby, David Ward, Stijn van Dongen.

3 dan

Andrew Simons (KGS), Nick Krempel (KGS), William Brooks (J) (KGS), William Connolley, Tim Hunt, Charles Matthews.

2 dan

Paul Smith, Peter Smith, Jonathan Chin.

1 dan

%John Richardson (KGS), Phil Beck, Mark Wainwright, Tony Warburton, Matthew Woodcraft, %Bruce Chen, %Aaron Chu, %Matthew Reid.

1 kyu

Mathieu Flinders, Cédric Fournet, Fabien Letouzey, Yong Mao, Linus Lee Zhi Yuan.

2 kyu

Frank Fu, Kim Rutherford, Bin Wu, Ukrit Mankong (KGS).

3 kyu

Roger Murby, Paul Russell, Andrew Walkingshaw.

4 kyu

Ross Anderson, Christoph Bergemann, Toshio Oshima, Frank Visser, Geoff Walker.

5 kyu

Chris Goldsmith, Toby Kenney, Paul Kersey, Simon Mader, Ansar Malik, Richard Parker, Ramanando.

6 kyu

Stephen Burgess, Jaime Crawford, Mark Dalgarno, Simon Frankau, Andy Plater, Graham Philips (KGS).

7 kyu

Takuma Goto, Alex Ridgeon.

8 kyu

Benny Hsu, Michael Thomas, Tim Wesson.

9 kyu

Tom Ford, Jenny Hughes, Jonathan Medlock, Johannes Nordström, Rob Williamson, Jon Woolf, Stephen Chester (KGS).

10 kyu

Geoffrey Kirkness, Andrea Smith.

11 kyu

Chris Ball, Steve Cooper, Hoiping Mok, Steve Moratti.

12 kyu

Ben Hanley.

13 kyu

Alistair Turnbull.

14 kyu

Liwei Deng, Peter Jackson, Graham Sills, Daniel Stunell.

15 kyu

Keith Chan, George Matthews (J), Amyas Phillips, Jack Waldron, Xenon Li.

16 kyu

17 kyu

Sean Moran, Mark Shaffer, Andrew Cohen.

18 kyu

Oliver Hallam, Colin McQuillan.

19 kyu

David Evans, Edmund Owen, Vilhelm Sjöberg, Stephen Bottomley.

20 kyu

Alex Fox, Tom Garnett, Mark Rison.

21 kyu

Dennis Chan, Edwin Thompson.

22 kyu

Julian Holstein.

23 kyu

Mark Durkee, Peter Janiszewski, Matthew Johnson.

24 kyu

Douglas W.

25 kyu

Sophie Sabinot, Paul Varley, Jonathan Woodfield, Stephen Browning.

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